African Spokes


About US


It all started when...

James (a Kenyan) met Floey (a South African). They fell madly in love, and then came Farrin.

James, being who he is*, began to itch for more adventure (as if parenting a 2-year-old wasn't enough). So he convinced Floey to let him cross a Kenya to South African overland cycling trip off of his bucket list. 

African Spokes started with a 70-day, 6,500 KM cycling trip starting in Nairobi and ending in Cape Town.

It is now a African bespoke cycling touring company specializing in road biking, Gravel, XC/Trail, and Enduro Safaris and Adventures.

James will tell you that there's no better way to see Africa, and he should know. You'll see things that most people fly over, This will be an experience of a lifetime.

*James Savage is an adventurer at heart who also happens to be the Director of Savage Wilderness Safaris, the largest adventure tourism company in Kenya. Savage Wilderness Safaris has a 25-year history of connecting people like you with breathtaking experiences in the Africa's natural landscape, facilitated by an international team of outdoor experts fully trained to provide the highest safety standards and exceptional experiences.