African Spokes


Bikes and Accessories

You need a bike that is right for you and the ride that is also in excellent working condition. If you will be using your own bike make sure it has a good comprehensive service before the adventure. Expect a mixture of riding from smooth flat tarmac roads to rough muddy tracks and everything in between. Choose a bike for long distances.


What type of bike should i bring?

A hard tail mountain bike with front suspension is the most versatile choice. It will give you suspension on off roads and with thinner tires and provides a better ride on the tarmac. However it will be slower and less efficient on the smoother roads.

A touring bike, or gravel bike, combines the ruggedness of a mountain bike, with the speed and efficiency of a road bike. These bikes are fast on the good roads. Lack of suspension will be seriously challenging on the rougher off-road sections.

We recommend to riders that the simpler and more durable the bike the better, easier to fix with more widely available spares in remote areas. A steel or aluminum frame is preferred (with simple components, simple suspension, and no hydraulics are recommended.)

One bike we recommend is the Marin Four Corners.

Questions? E-mail us.

How do i make my bike more comfortable?

  • Bikes with no suspension - buy a suspension seat post
  • Have a good comfortable seat do some research talk to your local shop
  • Have 2 sets of tires (thin slick one for tarmac and thicker grippy ones for off road sections and make sure they fit your rims)
  • Consider puncture resistant tires (slim tubes)


How to I carry all the kit required during the day on my bike?

  • Use a hydration system
  • Have water bottle cages on your bike
  • Use bike specific handle bar bags, rear rack bags, etc. such as these packs from Timbuk2


What spares should I bring?

Carry daily:

  • Pump
  • Spare tube
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Multi tool
  • Chain link repair
  • Chain lubrication


  • Spare chain
  • Spare tubes
  • Spare hanger
  • Spare brake pads


We can arrange a bike for you to hire, it will cost about $200 to hire a bike for a leg.