African Spokes


Kit List

Please use common sense and always remember the support vehicle has limited space. You are limited to 1 duffle bag no more than 20kg per person (for personal belongings).


  • Sleeping bag | As small as possible but warm; temperatures will get down to 10 degrees C / 50 degrees)
  • Sleeping pad |  A high-quality insulated pad will give a good nights sleep
  • Light weight water proof jacket                                                              
  • Trainers and sandals
  • Socks and underwear | Enough for adventure but you will do laundry                                                           
  • Fleece/jacket for cool evenings and days
  • T shirts | Short/long sleeved shirt                                                          
  • Light weight trousers and shorts 
  • Sun hat/baseball cap
  • Sun glasses 
  • Sun cream                                                                                            
  • Water bottles and hydration system | 2-3 liters plus 2 plastic bottles to go in bike holder
  • Simple wash kit | Soap, toothbrush, towel, etc. 
  • Torch/flashlight and spare batteries                  
  • Swimsuit
  • Day sack | A cycling rucksack carrying your day gearing and hydration system
  • Rucksack/duffle bag for your entire kit | Soft shell (no wheels) and dust proof                    
  • Good book/iPad/cards/travel games etc. for afternoons/evenings and rest days
  • SIM cards and credit | Can be purchased at arrival airport
  • Camera  
  • Personal medical kit | Paracetamol, cycle lubrication cream, blister kit, band aid, prescription drugs (to carry when riding)
  • Cycle equipment | See Bikes & Accessories
  • Cycle helmet | No helmet, no ride
  • Cycle gloves
  • Cycle shorts
  • Cycle tops | Long and short sleeves as well as light weight waterproof
  • Cycle shoes
  • Bell or horn for bike
  • Reflective indicators or lights for bike
  • Bike spares | See Bikes & Accessories
  • Waterproof bag/container for valuables        
  • Tent for those who want a single (don’t want to share)

What not to bring

  • Cooking equipment (plates, K, F, S, etc.)
  • Excessively warm clothing and sleeping bags
  • Mosquito nets
  • Camp chairs
  • Bike cases and bags | Space is limited, bring a cardboard bike box that can be thrown away
  • Spare wheels and excessive parts